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Skywatcher ED150 doublet review


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Anyone who has an interest in big refractors, and in particular the development of large aperture doublet optics,

at a more realistic price point, here is a really good review of the latest upcoming Sky Watcher offering.


Its by the very well respected observer and reviewer, Danial Mounsey.

Its a good read, and Daniel makes a lot of good points in it.


Click on the red box for the review.




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1 hour ago, Ron Clarke said:

Sounds good, when is it released in the UK??

i think there are a few available already






go on Ron you know you want one


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If it was f10 I would have risked the wrath of Helen and ordered one.


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I have fond memories of the 150 F8 achro and this looks to be much more user friendly. Still not tempted though ?

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I agree with Ibbo if it was F10 I would sell the 120Ed Triplet and buy one.


But F7 to F8 isn't enough.


BTW John on SGL is reviewing one as we speak.





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Yes, available from FLO now




Are you thinking F10 for the 'false colour' ?  ie less at F10 than at F8 ?

It looks like this doublet design which seems to be all the rage at the moment, has come on in leaps and bounds

in the last couple of years. Maybe they no longer need to be F10 anymore ?

And a 6" F10 would be a behemoth of a scope to handle, and which would need a substantial mount.


I'm not planning to buy one btw.

I'm interested in them though,  and would love a look through one.

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