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Talk about driving into the sunset.


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Managed to capture this extraordinary spectacle on my crappy phone camera whilst walking home tonight. 

The photo doesn't quite do it justice as the whole street was bright red at the time.



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.....And a flying saucer for good measure  top left hand corner.......! ?

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You are right, the what the old phone can capture isn't a patch on the actual view you had . It misses the entire vista and I think we have a much better perception for appreciating the quality of the light. Still good for remembering it though. I did a photo of every sunrise I saw from my bedroom window for a year, some were absolutely epic, but the picture didn't really cut it.



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Heres one from home from back in Jan 2016.

The plume in the distance is from Radcliffe-on-Soar power station.



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I got that one too Rob, that was a stunning sunrise, it was a wall to wall "sea of fire" and it only lasted around ten minutes before the angle changed.



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