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Has the shout box died


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My shout box does not seem to be working. 

All I get is that refreshing icon all the time. 

Anyone else got issues with it or is it just me. 

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a few folks have had a problem, but not many.  There was an upgrade I think so you need to clear your cache I think Craig said

Mine did not have a problem so I cant tell you how to do it  LOL

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I have it too on both my iPhone and work laptop, I have cleared the cache lots of times on both devices and it still won’t work.


I also know Martyn has the same issue but lots of other people do not, I also cannot get to my PM’s on my iPhone but can on the laptop????


We made @Craig aware last night and he said clear your cache, didn’t work for me but may for you.

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Really strange as I have an i phone and its OK on safari and my work computer is OK on google and IE.

Did not have to do anything as never experienced a problem ?  Weird its usually luddite me that gets stuck  LOL

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How about this for weird.

Typed a random comment in the shout box bit and it came back on as soon as I pressed the enter button.

You have just got to love computers 

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