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Binoviewer dew control

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Getting ready for the new season, my first using my WO binoviewer. 

Can I ask other BV users what they do about dew control? 

Is it a problem with BVs, and if so what do they do - a heater tape round each eyepiece, or one round the whole thing or stuff the eyepieces in your pocket til the problem goes away?

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I've never used a binoviewer, but would have thought that they are pretty well protected against dew as the optical parts are not exposed.


The eyepieces are more likely to dew up in very high humidity, but I think that would only be on the very worst nights. Dew control is pretty cheap especially if you already have a dew controller for your objective. So a couple of straps for the eyepieces or even just one long one around both to save wires would probably suffice.


I reckon most of the time you'll manage just fine without any dew control for the eyepieces.

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Hi Bryan,


(Sorry, i missed this thread)


I have a dual eyepiece heater, but don't feel the need to use it that often.

In the past, if a pair of eyepieces start to succumb, i simply swap them over and warm up 

the affected ones in a coat pocket.


Next time theres an observing session i'll bring them along

and you can try them out.


This spring, i had a session up at Belper and used the same eyepieces all night.

There was zero dew that night at all which was a novelty.

With my 'Powerswitch bino' there is less call to change eyepieces so thats one

instance where i may need to use heaters if it gets damp.


Regarding the bino itself, yes i have suspected them to fog up a bit internally.

Its happened a few times and ended a session altogether on a couple of occasions.

I have considered fitting an insulating jacket of sorts around the body of the bino.

This idea is still 'on the drawing board' though ?


How are you getting on with your binos......?

Are you pleased with the views ?


If you are using them on your SCT, try and keep the light path, ie the distance between

the back of the scope and the focal point in your eyepieces as short as possible to

guarantee the best views.





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