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UK telescopes store


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Me again, 


I've found that I actually live 25 minutes away from this store. Has anybody has any dealings with them? I'm hoping to head over  next week to ask questions and see what equipment they have.   Thanks. 

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A better option for a beginner (who wants to ask questions and see stuff in the flesh) would be to visit the International Astronomy show

next month on Stoneleigh, Warwickshire.



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So my wife's just got me a ticket to space lates in lievester and I'm going to an outreach thing on the same day. 


Can anybody suggest an established shop? 


I'm also going to a meet later this month. 

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Established telescope shops list (ones that I have used, and many others, and are recommended)

First Light Optics

Rother Valley

Tring Astro


Telescope house

There's a few more, including 365 astronomy.

Also Astro buy and sell  > good place to find 2nd hand stuff.

Hope that helps a bit Shane

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Have fun, but don't rush in to buying something. Not used Tring, but only heard good things. I'm sure they'll not try to make you buy anything rubbish, but just think about what you want to do, you can always order later. As a general rule get as much aperture as you can. ?

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First light optics are really helpful. Speak to Martin or any of the staff. I called at the prem in the summer to collect some stuff which I had ordered by internet, and they were really great. But they dont have a shop to broose. So you order and either get it very quickly by parcel delicery or , as in my case collect cos i was visiting rhe area

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Another plus for Tring Astro. ??? 


I visited them a couple of years ago, quite a trip from Mansfield, but was made very welcome and it was well worth the visit. Lots of astro gear to look at and you'll get sound advice.


As said above, don't be in a rush to buy, they can always ship something out to you at a later date once you are absolutely certain what is the best equipment for you.


All the other vendors in newtyng5's list above are also reputable and are mostly online only with no shop apart from Rother and Telescope House, but I think Tring have one of the biggest and best selections of gear to view.


As per Binoviewer's suggestion above you will see pretty much all of the vendors exhibiting lots of gear at the uk astro show on 12th/13th October, possibly with some discounts on the day. I'm going for a look and could be tempted, should be a good day out.

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