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Venus 26-10-2018 about 10 mins before inferior conjunction


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WO132 Chameleon cam IR742 filter  

Well done Steve. Catching Venus at IC is something i've always wanted to do. Problem is, i can't see the western horizon from home at all....... And i don't count 2004 !! ?

Thats even better. ?

The other thing to point out about these Venus pics that Steve's done over the past few days, is that whether he's gone for it in the morning or evening, the sun is just above it in the sky, so it is a tricky daytime object just several degrees from the sun! Fantastic job Steve! 

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Thanks  folks


You have to be very careful


I did them in daylight between 13-00 and 15-00



I aligned the mount Weds night and parked it up and using the herscel wedge centred the sun and synced it up and then goto-ed to venus , checked to make sure the sun was not in the FOV.


Popped the camera in as on Weds night when i was imaging luna I marked the focus tube so i was about in focus and there was venus - off to one side in the camera on the screen and then spent a couple of hours trying to get it focused.

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Its a beautiful object to observe as it nears IC

I love the way Venus' atmosphere stretches the crescent all that way around : almost in to a 'U' shape.


Cassini demonstrated the same thing with Saturns moon Titan, and this showed a 360º crescent.

I wonder if you could ever see a 360º crescent on Venus, given perfect seeing and observing conditions (ie not the UK) ?

Perhaps Hubble has imaged it like this ?? 

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I know from my own efforts that Venus is a right <expletive> to photograph. Many of the other contenders for PoTM would have won it any other month but this is superb!

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