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At last........

Rock Doctor

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At last, finally got the scope out last night.

Firstly I used the Baarder Hyperion 8-24mm click stop zoom III for the first time and was really impressed. So much messing about changing lens has now stopped and the views are every bit as good as my single focal length BHs. I can see that this will probably be the EP that I used the most and has quickly become my favourite.

And while all you seasoned pros will have seen this often, I caught my first sighting of Saturn last night and was blown away. Scope and EP gave me crisp views down to the 12mm click where I could just make out some banding on the planet and some of the divisions in the rings. The 8mm click just started to suffer from the turbulance so was a little less crisp. I could also make out what I think was 3 or 4 moons. I used to think that Jupiter was my favourite but Saturn and its rings is far better. :D

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Pat its well worth the look. The rings are tilted slightly towards us so are clearly visible.

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Guest Fluke

It was only last Sunday that I saw Saturn through a scope for the first time too and agree completely.

I'm glad you're another one who gives the hyperion zoom the thumbs up, mine will be here in a couple of days too :)

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