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Denkmeier D14 Pair

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Every now and again, i have a bit of a clearout and sell some gear.

I've recently sold 5 telescopes : all 3 of my refractors, and both my catadioptrics. At present, just my Dobsonian remains.

Also, my 2" glass (N 31mm) 2" star diagonal,  and my Powermate have found new homes as well.


I've been after a pair of these for a good while, and with funds in the black, decided to finally purchase

what i hope, after a long search, is my goto mid / high power eyepiece pair.


Magnifications for high power viewing will be :

Refractor  :   170x approx

Dob  96x / 152x / 192x  approx, with the 3 'Powerswitch' settings


Enter the Denkmeier D14mm (From Denkmeier Optical, New York, USA)


They are pretty beefy (i'm not talking Delos size though)


Allegedly, they are actually 15.2mm rather than the stated 14mm. Puzzling.

Some stats :


250g each   -  pretty heavy

20mm eye relief  -  nice

65º fov  -  similar to Panoptics

Big eye lenses  -  nice, similar to Delos

'Bat wing' eye guards  -  very nice.


Some pics.....




Comparison with 13mm Nagler




One of the things i don't like about the 13 Naglers is the tight (for me) eye relief,

and the abnormally long barrels, which prevent them from fitting flush in the bino.

No such issue with the D14, and they have a smooth barrel, with no silly tapers or undercuts.




In the Mk V from above




They fit well in the Mk V, and are as big a pair as i would want (Delos was way too big)

They don't match the perfect asthetics of the 24 Panoptics though.




Here they are in my Newtonian binoviewer system.

Check out the weight.

Now you know why i need a Moonlite focuser on the Dob.

This is a pretty heavy load on the focuser for a visual set up.



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They should give a fabulous view. Expensive as a single eyepiece, but as a pair! ?  Hope you wangled some discount. ?


Looking forward to your first light report. ?

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No discount, i'm afraid. Still cheaper as a pair than a big 2" wide angle though like the Ethos 17 or 21

I would have gladly brought a used pair, but American stuff like this rarely comes up for sale over here.


I've tested them in the Dob, and they need a bit more practise before i can evaluate them fully.

Its a different sort of eyepiece than what i am used to.

Once i got my head in the right spot i had some nice lunar views with them, although i spend a fair

bit of time trying go get them to focus with the 'low power arm' in. 

And with mid and high power giving 150-160x  and 190-200x i was pushing it at times with the seeing.

I may need to swap over one of the spacers on the Moonlite, and may contact Bill Denkmaier over in the US for advice.


They also sell another pair... D21s, but i don't need anything in that range with me having 24s and 19s



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