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First effort at saturn with webcam.


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Tried with the webcam for the first time last night. No idea what to set stuff to, didn't have any RA drive on or anything, just a very brief go to see what stuff does. Grabed this from the AVI File. Stack of 4, yes just 4 frames out of 2,500 lol, at 10 FPS, Tal 2 x Barlow in SW 200P. Camera is SPC 900 (thanks Pat), Sharpcap, stacked in Registax 5.1 and tweeked in PS Cs5.

Any help with settings etc, please please please do speak up as I have no idea at all. This is the first time I've even had a webcam, let alone tried anything like this. DSLR's no problem, I understand how they work etc, webcams, no chance lol.

Try not to laugh too much......

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Thanks! :)

I thought there was a long way to go having seen some far better images on here. I really would appreciate any hints on sharpcap settings though, as I have absolutely no idea what to do with it to get the best out of it.

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Nice one Mike, thats good for a first effort, at least you got something you can build on and keep trying!

Good luck!

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Just threatened Registax with a hammer and it stacked 196 frames this time ;) lol

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Cheers Pat, will have another go soon, and will have a look at the settings etc as I'm sure that might help too. Certainly getting better though.

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Mike for a first that is rearly good.

I don't want to teach you to suck eggs as they say so I will tell you what I do.

I can give you my settings on sharp cap.

All auto settings except white balance turned off

For Saturn unless the seeing is rearly good I run at 5fps.

I know it takes longer but you get more detail.

Exposure - back it down just a little from full up. -7 or -8

Gain - back it down until the image starts to get dark. ( you can adjust it back with the wavelets)

Gamma - right off

All other sliders set in the middle and then play with the contrast and brightness untill you are happy. Remember to keep the image on the dark side, if it is too bright you cannot use the wavelets in Registax without introducing masses of noise.

I usually do AVIs of 1000 frames at a time.

Registax - Load the AVI and set threshhold to 80% locate the alignment square on Saturn and click align.

When this is done in the next screen check the absolute and difference boxes and uncheck the fast optimise

Click optimise and Stack button.

You then go on the wavelet screen.

If you click the 'zoom' box on the right hand side of the screen you will see a larger image of Saturn.When you adjust the wavelets you can see the changes in the enlarged image much better so you dont take it too far.

Then it is 'do all' and final.

Hope this helps just keep playing around with it until you find something that works for you.

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I think it's a great first image, I would be dead chuffed with it. You have the Cassini Division, so it ain't as bad as you might think.

You are treading the path to the dark side now..........no going back! :D

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Re-processed again, this time conviced registax to use 793 frames! Getting a bit better I think, processing is also getting better IMO, less forced. Fliped and rotated too this time. Next capture I do I will spend more time focusing and so on.

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great start

this is my way if I can remember correctly

load image into R6 select align points

click align

when finished at the bottom left limit to best 100 frames

click limit

click stack

gently wavelets 2 and 5

click realign with processed

bottom left limit to 60 % of frames

click limit

click stack

gentle waves 2 & 5 poss 3

click do all



further playing with colour balance unsharp mask etc done in photo shop

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Just threatened Registax with a hammer and it stacked 196 frames this time lol

That is much better you're right. Great stuff. Can't wait to get my webcam working. No matter what I do it just won't focus. Think it will be sorted once I get the powermate.

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Thanks folks. I'm begining to see that I might be able to do this afterall lol. Certainly feel a bit better after all the kind words.

@ Graham and Steve, Thanks for the pointers, I will try these next time I am able to get out to grab some more AVI data. I know the seeing wasn't at it's best last night, and I had lots of kit issues too. I only left the kit out from the day time solar observing, didn't have the power out to power up the RA drive and it was the first time with a webcam and sharpcap alike. If anybody had seen me, I had one eye on the screen, another on my hands fiddling with focus, slow motions, laptop, cables and alsorts, desperately trying to keep up with a fast moving target lol.

Can't wait to get back out with better seeing and a more organised set up etc.

The dark side has certainly got it's claws into me now :lol:

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