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A vote for the Bino Bandit

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Readers of Steve Tonkin's newsletter will be familiar with the Bino Bandit, a neoprene light shade which fits over binocular eyepieces to reduce extraneous light.  I tried mine on both binoculars and my binoviewer and am impressed with them.  Only snag is some tendancy to fog up if you have too snug a fit.  Interestingly, I can hand-hold my 15x70s with the Bandit in place, which I couldn't before.


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Not seen this post Bryan....


I've not seen or heard of these 'Bandits' before and will take a look. Thanks for the share.


I do have one pair of eyepieces in my inventory that have 'bat wing' eye guards fitted.

I've never had too much of a problem dealing with extraneous light when i'm observing from home,

and find my other eyepieces eye cups are normally sufficient.

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