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Meteors 19-15 Aug: First full week

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So my meteor detector has been up and running for a little over a week.

The first few days saw me messing around with a few things but for the past week it's been settled and happily counting meteors.


Detection rates vary from 20+ per hour down to 2 or 3 per hour. 

From 00:01 Monday - 23:59 Sunday my system picked up a total of 1,479 meteors.

The only blank hours I had during the week was when the Graves radar went off-line for maintenance for a few hours.  When it wasn't transmitting I got zero hits which was good as it shows the

system isn't counting general 'noise' as meteors.   

During this outage I took the opportunity to lower my signal threshold a bit to check background noise levels, I took it down to a point where I was still not getting any interference, left it for a couple of hours to be sure the threshold level was above the background and then I took it up a couple of points just to be safe.

As soon as Graves came back online I started getting hits again. 



The image below shows the duration vs hour of the day.

This doesn't show all the meteor detection - just the different duration values seen over the week.




As of yesterday I finally got the audio to work but I still need to adjust the trigger level on that one, so now I can see the imges and hear the ping.


Overall ...... very happy for the first full week. 

Just a bit disapointed in myself for setting this up after the current shower peak!



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30 minutes ago, Graham said:

Great start Al.

Now if the instructions you sent me work I should get the same data info.

No pressure then  ?

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