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M31 -Nikon First Light

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First light with the nikon d5300 managed 1hr 44 min definetley a smother image hopefully some clear nights i will be able to add some data   

just playing in startools used shrink module and softened stars down slightly     

That's come out really well, like the colour! 👍

1 hour ago, Ron Clarke said:

That's come out really well, like the colour! 👍

Hopefully more data to come though limited at the moment only one battery until my usb powered lead arrives, if I can get another 10hrs on it that would be good 

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2 hours ago, BAZ said:

That looks like you are going to be getting on with the new camera, it turns out a nice image.

Yes initial results look promising resolution is so much higher  far less noisy and so far it seems to work better with the idas D2 filter than the canon did which left me with an aqua colour on some stars which the nikon not so much ,currently adding two more nights data so will see how that comes out   

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15 hours ago, 8472 said:

Nice to see good DR with the core not being blown out.


You must be pleased with that?!

Yes Kev I have in total about 6 hrs of data which I’m currently processing in Startools on pause whilst I take mrs B shopping back on later unless the sky clears this evening, last night conditions weren’t great and binned about twenty minutes of data , damn could do with a clear night whilst moons out of the way .

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