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Siril -stacking program

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I downloaded Siril (stacking program)a little while ago  but got lost in it , couldn’t find a simple guide to follow most are in French , online video not clear enough, so left it on the back burner , then yesterday found an English video on YouTube which was quick to show you in a couple of steps , basically Siril has some scripts that come pre installed so if you have ever looked at Siril and couldn’t fathom it out here’s what to do ,

Create a folder and call it a name like temp , in this folder create folder s in my case lights , bias ,flats  make a copy of original files and paste into corresponding folder in the new folders created .

open Siril on the screen you’ll see at bottom of page right hand side a box  

which you need to use to browse to the location of the folder you just created once done , top of page you can see scripts tab -click and a list drops down if using darks , flats bias   Use first one that’s says dslr , as I’m not using darks I chose dslr no darks  , that’s all you do it will now it runs  the script and at the end puts a Fit file in destination folder , mission complete .

haven't worked out how to do multiple nights images yet  that’s the next thing to look into .



i gave up on regim for now as I wasn’t happy the debayer pattern was correct and shouldn’t be that hard but I may go back to it at some point.



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Update, Siril as far as I can see is a lot quicker than DSS , having worked out how scripts work it is very simple though looks daunting but using scripts that are preconfigured it is a few clicks , I have also managed to find out how to stack data from multiple sessions too, so every stacking session gives you a fits file , you create a folder and store these fits files you want to merge , then in registration tick match stars  make sure the working directory path is pointing to folder with fits files you want to stack , then go to stacking tab and select go stack , that’s it you’ll be left with a single fits file of all sessions this will be in the working folder you created, I’m sure there is a lot more to Siril , there are online tutorials via Siril forum I will read up and update this thread if I find out anymore info .

in the gallery I redone the sailboat cluster massive difference  I think I used regim not sure 🤔 though I think that’s down to me setting regim up and not the program which is why I like Siril scripts, it’s all pre configured for you unless you want to tweak and make your own scripts.


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