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Meteors Sept, Oct & Nov

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Meteor detection counts September - November 2019


Although I've not really posted any results, my meteor detector has been running since mid August without too many major issues.  It's tucked away in a corner and I often forget it's still running.


I've finally got around to updating my spreadsheet from the data automatically captured by the Spectrum Lab RMOB files.


I had a few problems in September with local interference causing some crazy readings (hundreds per hour in some cases), i zeroed out those that were obviously wrong.

I'm fairly certain some of it was due to heavy electrical equipment being used over the road and in direct line of sight of the antenna.


October and November were both much better with good levels of hits per day and no problems from external interference.











I've seen posts on the RMOB facebook page of people detecting Elon Musk's Starlink chain as it goes over Southern France.

I've checked my captures and not seen anything that I can link to the pass times ...... which is good as I don't actually want them!


Current RMOB data for December:  This is live so will update each hour with the latest results.





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5 hours ago, Ibbo said:

Any tips for setting up RMOB auto recording or is it plug and play


A difficult one to answer  ..........


RMOB data in Spectrum Lab is created by a script. The one I use (not written by me) took a minimum amount of tweaking to get it working and it has now run for over 3 months without any need to adjust it.  The exact same script didn't work for Graham! - in fact it messed up his config even though we have the same hardware!  😞  (So I'd strongly recommend a back up!)


The basic Meteor Detection scripts on the web don't always include generation of RMOB data. 

If you can find a script that includes the RMBO info then uploading it to the RMOB website is fairly easy and the graphic at the end of my post is automatically generated - you just need to select the new file at the start of each month. If you look at a script and see mention of 'RMOB' (usually towards the end) then the chances are that it generates the required info. 

If the script doesn't mention RMOB anywhere then .... well you can guess the rest!


I'm more than happy to send you the script I use  and where I can, help with any configuration - that said I make no promises it'll work, but if it does then the .dat files generated will give you all the info you might need and in a format that's easy enough to import into a spreadsheet.






P.S. - Just noticed that the RMOB image in the first post doesn't update with a page refresh, but will show the latest current data if you click on the image.

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Thanks a lot.

about 8 years ago I did hav eit running on another machine but cannot for the life of me remember how I got it goingI will get it all set up and running on the netbook sometime this week and back it up if and when I get it running on that machine.

I will let you know how I get on either way.



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Apart from the current month's RMOB files you can retrieve earlier data,  although it is not usually available until a few days into the next month, so I've only just managed to get Novembers.


RMOB Sept 2019:  In this image you can see the issues I had in Sept with interference.

There are also a couple of blank periods. One was where GRAVES went off the air for a few days and the other was when I was away and my laptop did a reboot!



RMOB Oct 2019:



RMOB Nov 2019:





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