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Back on M 81 and 82 tonight


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Well I went back to my favourite pair tonight.

I some how managed to screw up the focus on my guide scope and put that out of action.

So not to let the night go to waste I took a chance.

I managed 30 subs of 20 seconds each at ISO 1600.

I put them through DSS along with 10 darks I took the other night on a completely different setting but what the hell.

I am amazed at the result.

This is with no processing other than the bits in DSS.

I will put it through PS later on today if I get the chance.

For a bodge job I am rearly pleased with the out come.

I have just looked at the image on here and I am deeply saddened it looks nothing like the original.

Why has it gone all bitty.

There is none of that blotchy mess in the tif or the JPEG I uploaded.

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Now that is rearly wierd.

When I looked at it last night on the lap top it was horrible.

I have just looked at it on the works pc and its ok.

I'm thinking I have a problem with the laptop's screem resolution.

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I think it's a big improvement over the last attempt. I know there isn't as much outer detail as there was before, but the detail in the core is a lot better. Adding more subs to this I would think will give a really good image. I've not even found them yet, never mind tried to image them. Well done, I'd be happy :)

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Hi mike

Dead easy to find.

Go to Dubhe and they are on a 45 degree line down and right.

Down as in away from the big dipper.

I normally stick the 350 D on ISO 1600 and do a 10 second sub.

Put that sub on full screen mode and if you are any where close they will stick out like a pair of beacons.

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