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good hit @03-44 11-12-19

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Snap......   Audio https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Weom3bJl3VAUMo53LSmnpdsWmDIMoNyL/view   Always nice to see correlation with others getting the same hits - gives you a

Further correlation from further afield.    

13 minutes ago, Ibbo said:

Conditional action as a wav and all i get from this set up is a puny ping if anythingat all

Lots of the ones I get are barely audible and I delete most of them.  The best ones are those with not just a strong/bright signal but also as long as possible.


11 minutes ago, Ibbo said:

another hour without a hit


I've had some hits this afternoon but the count is low.  around 10 per/hr at best.

So far this month I've seen it quiet in the afternoon but start to pick up about 8pm.  At the moment the busiest period seems to be around 5am-8am.




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1 hour ago, Graham said:

How do I set a destination folder



For your destination folder I think you go  Options > Audio sttings, I/O device selection  > Filenames tab and enter a directory in the 'Audio Recorder' section.

It doesn't need to be a full path just the directory withing Spectrum lab.


I have a directory called 'meteorlog' where my screen captures and audio go so in the Audio Recorder section I have 'meteorlog\'



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