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This weeks captures. 27.12.2019

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Well that almost completes an entire year of recorded Meteor detection hits.

It has been a fascinating year watching the rise and fall of the intensity levels.


Hopefully once I get my replacement box of tricks for the video cameras I can start to assign pictures to the hits to bring them to life.



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4 hours ago, Graham said:

Hopefully once I get my replacement box of tricks for the video cameras I can start to assign pictures to the hits to bring them to life.


I'll be really interested to see how you get on.


Just about everything I've read says that the meteors we get from GRAVES won't be visible in the UK as the GRAVES signal is directed in a Southerly direction (towards the GRAVES reciever in the S of France) and any meteors are around 100km from Southern UK when they enter the ionosphere.    

There are a couple of articles I've read that say given the right conditions they believe it may be possible. 


The first page from this Britastro article suggests you can't see them ...



Whilst this one suggests that it should be possible, although it does say N France and possibly the UK .... maybe I'm a bit too far N for that though.

https://www.popastro.com/main_spa1/meteor/radio-meteor-observing/     ( 'Transmitter Options' sectiontowards the bottom )


"However, there is considerable evidence, based on observations by Richard Fleet and others, to suggest that some of the transmissions “leak back” northwards and thus it should be possible to detect meteors over northern France and possibly also the English Channel using GRAVES as the “beacon”. This opens up the possibility of correlating radio detections with meteors imaged from the UK."


I'd be very interested in your results, it would be great to get radio along with visual detection.

Timings for correlation would need to be quite accurate, especially during the peak of a meteor shower when it's easily possible for a meteor hit over S France at the same time as one over the UK.





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Watch this space as they say Al.

Strange thing this.

I purchased this unit from Amazon and it was delivered next day.

As it was faulty the company are replacing the unit but it is coming from China ?????

Go figure that one out 😕

Still it is on its way and has been for a week now.


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I'll definitely be watching with interest 👍

Hopefully it's not a slow boat from China and it arrives soon.


I've got a test build of an enclosure that will come with us when we travel to Snowdonia and it will be coming with us tomorrow when we go for a few days.

This was testing the clamp and ball head, so when we're away I have multiple options for mounting it and pointing at the best bit of sky.



It now has a new lens and dome fitted and assuming it all goes OK I'll do a better build once we're back ( I'll also get around to clearing out the gutters on the conservatory 😂 )


The scaffolding on the house should also be down shortly after New Year and I'll get the meteor detector antenna back in position and once running there's something I want to try with that.






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Hi Graham,


Phil Norton who is an EMS member and wrote the Spec Lab script I use is doing some Radio/Visual correlation for meteors over the UK (based nr Lincoln)

He's seen this thread but is having some problems logging in.    (Hi Phil if you're reading this 👋 )

What he's seeing is really interesting and he plans to post once he can get in.


He runs 2 radio meteor detectors and I believe it's his 'vertical' one that picks up 'local' UK meteors



As I'll be repositioning my antenna when it goes back up I think I'll give his suggestions a try. 

I'd much rather get fewer hits if the ones I get are local and have a chance of being caught on camera.


I often look at Phil's RMOB results as a double check on mine as we are using the same dongle and script and our locations are not too far apart (approx 45miles).



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