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Venus 30-12-2019 IR807


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200mm Meade SCT x2.5 powermate Chameleon cam   A bit of a solar system day yesterday! The new SSD  really zaps the rate rate up - 160fps on this one at 640 x 480 ROI  

Nice one Steve. New SSD ????

Great shot. 😊 SSD=solid state drive I'm guessing? 

Yes new SSD

I put a new samsung 860 evo in the normal place and a M2PCI onto the motherboard- its a bit like a ram stick but you need the correct slot for it.

I have no buffering at full frame with the chameleon @ 58fps and with the ZWO I have been up to 160 fps on a 640 x 480 ROI.I think it said it would do 240 fps but I doubt it.


Before with the Chameleon I got 20/25 seconds of data before the buffering started and IIRC about 100fps with the ZWO

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This is my new solar/planetary imaging PC on its stand

the actual PC is on the rear of the screen






 and this is the M2 PCI  sabrent which sits under the samsung ssd samsung




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