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M 51 From last night 25.06.2012


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Well good morning folks.

I am typing this through blury but very happy eyes.

My intension was to have another go at the M81/82 pairing but the seeing wasn't to hot so I swung the scope around to M 51.

My idea was to go for 60 plus 60 sec subs at ISO 800. :)

The clouds had other ideas and it ended up at 23 number 60 sec subs at ISO 800. :(

After the clouds rolled in I decided to put into practice what we had discussed the other night in the chat box.

I took 23 darks on the same settings.

I then set up to take some flats.

Stretching a White Tee-shirt across the Newt I set up a 100 watt spot light running through a difuser on a step ladder facing the business end of the Newt.

I then played with the shutter speed until I got the histogramme 2/3rds of the way up.

Perfect I thought.

The timing could not have been scripted any better.

As I pressed the capture button on the keyboard there was an almighty crash in the obs.

I rushed in to find the step ladder had fallen over and I now had a very ex spotlight and difuser.

Oh well scub the flats maybe next time. :(:angry:

What I should have done next is go to bed but I decided to stay up and put what I had got through DSS.

After DSS had done its thing I put the result into PS.

After a quick play the resulting photo is what you see.

To say I am one happy bunny is an understatement.

I know I still have a long long way to go but its getting better.



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Loving that Graham!

I just love M51, nice to see you are coming on nicely, next time I`m sure you will have it all sorted, step ladder and all!

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Nice Graham.

I had a pop at various targets in the NW, N and NE this morning but cloud spoiled every run. I ended up imaging a target I had previously done in the only clear bit of sky I had (SE).

Frustrating but at least I'm getting a routine together now. Imaging time is happening a lot quicker now after alignment, focusing etc

I think it's great there's a few on here all learning together. A trouble shared and all that ...


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That's blooming good Graham! Very impressed, I can see I need to extract my digit and start getting my act together. Well done indeed :)

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Hi folks.

Thanks for the kind words.

Your right Paul it make it a lot easier to get to grips with when several people are going through the same steep learning curve.

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Guest Tweedledum

Nice job Graham.

Just done a quick touch up, removed some of contrast and sharpened...

Wish I could take em like this..

Edited by Tweedledum
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Damian that is brilliant. Thanks.

Pat yes I am rearly pleased with this one considering how few subs I managed to get.

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To right Pat,

Just think of it go home from work set the scope running and leave it gathering data for 12 hours.

I can hardly wait. ^_^

As far as the processing goes I think I need all the help I can get. :lol:

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Damian, feel free to play with mine all you like, it gives me a bench mark to aim at when I try ;)

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:ph34r: I thought that as soon as I had hit the post button... :blush: I think I got away with it last night when I said it was suprising how much difference Pete's extra couple of inches makes. :lol:
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