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POTM January 2020.

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Well its my turn to judge POTM this time.


Its been a busy month for you imagers, and I am surprised at how many photos have been taken this month as the weather hasn’t been the best, but you have all faced the weather and turned out some fantastic images.


This is the hardest job on the forum.


Firsts up is the Comets, Asteroids, Meteors and Meteorites.


Again Graham has been capturing all manner of objects entering our atmosphere this month with his detector.


Bassinghamobservatory (Graham) submitted a nice shot of C/2018 T2 PANSTARRS as it passed open cluster NGC957.


Clive gave us a stunning photo of C/2018 T2 PANSTARRS as it passed by the Double cluster in Perseus.


Deep Sky


Some amazing deep sky imagines again this month starting off with:-

Clive and his M33 (reprocessed), always a firm favourite of mine.


Chris P gave us his version of IC443 and NGC2175, Jellyfish and Monkey head nebulae.



A stunning image of TR 37 in Hubble palette from Graham.


Chris P gave us another first class image with NGC7635, The Bubble nebula.


Chris P also submitted M42, Close up and personal.


Graham also gave us his version of M42.


Sheila back after a break with NGC2264.


Chris P back again with M51.


Graham back again with NGC7380 IN Hubble palette.


Derbyshire Dave gave us the Horsehead and Flame nebulae in Ha.


And revisited in narrow band colour.


Clive gave us another stunning M42.


Ibbo photographed IC443 (The Jellyfish nebula).




Just a few Luna images this moonth. Think most of us were disappointed with the Penumbral eclipse. I was certainly clouded out, so it was nice to see a shot from Chris P.


Chris P also photographed the wolf moon over Derbyshire which I liked for it atmospherics.




It has been a slow month for planetary photos with most of the planets being in unfavourable positions. But we did have a shot of Venus brought to us by Ibbo.




So despite Sol still being at minimum, our avid sun watchers have managed to get some Data. Ibbo gave us some Proms:-


And Graham gave us a nice clear photo with surface detail:-




A few Widefield shots this month.

Ron Clarke gave us a “couple of quickies “ with Orion and Sirius, and Ursa Major and Polaris.


And Sunny Phil gave us a thin crescent moon and Venus.


So, it comes down to my judgement.


I would say that all of you imagers do a fantastic job and it is so hard to judge.

If I haven’t mentioned you, that doesn’t mean I haven’t looked at your work, or don’t value as much as others, they are all just so good and I can’t mention them all. So, without further ado, in first place…..


Clive with M42.

I really like this photo. Great subject matter, a firm favourite. I love the colours Clive has captured and, to me, it has a soft natural look I really like. A really nice capture. Well done Clive.


Close second for me is Derbyshire Dave’s Horse head and Flame in colour,


Third place this month is Ibbo and his Jellyfish,

Again I really like the detail Steve has pulled out of this faint object.


That’s all folks, and remember keep posting those beautiful photos of the night sky.

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Well its my turn to judge POTM this time.   Its been a busy month for you imagers, and I am surprised at how many photos have been taken this month as the weather hasn’t been the best, but y

Congrats Clive, great M42 and thanks Andy. Not an easy one this month!! 👍

Tahnks to Andy for POM write up. And congrats to Clive.

3 minutes ago, philjay said:

Well done Clive and thanks for the judging Andy, taint easy is it 😀

It was a really tough call Phil, I don't envy you.

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