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Stacking software..

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I'm giving Sequator stacking software a go, and comparing it to DSS.

The nebula colour seems better (redder) than DSS which always seems orange to me,

but there are a lot of blue and green pixels showing that don't show up on DSS.

Any thoughts or comments would be welcome..

DSS image first (IC1805 Heart nebula 20 x 300s +Flats)




Now the Sequator image..






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Hi Ron, are those images straight out of DSS and Sequator or has post processing been applied? When I first started using DSS all my darks, flats and bias's were made with the camera set on auto white balance and all the boxes ticked so that DSS took care of the white balance. I ended up with green stars that I couldn't seem to correct with post processing. I've since set the camera to daylight white balance for my darks, flats and bias's and set DSS to use the camera white balance settings. Straight out of DSS at ISO1600 my images are bright red but at ISO3200 they are bright blue. However, the white balance is easily corrected in post processing and I no long suffer from green stars.

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White balance is set on daylight. Just a couple of stretches in PS on both and I was using the AA TriBand filter.

As I Dither i don't take any Darks now, just Flats.

I'll check out the disable in DSS, I'm using 4.2.2.


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