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Comet C/2014 Y4 (ATLAS) with M81 / M82

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Comet C/2019 Y4 has been brightening rapidly since its discovery.  Currently at around 9th magnitude in Ursa Major, it is predicted to become a naked eye object during April.  Imaged on Sunday 15th Ma

Great image plus a meteor! 👍

Great shot. Love the colour of the comet.

1 hour ago, JPB said:

Nice image, also nice to see someone is getting a clear sky.



It was quite short lived,  once the sun had set it didn't take long for clouds to roll in.

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45 minutes ago, BAZ said:

That's got it all going off in that one, a great image Clive.

It's been a steep learning curve in image processing. The last (and previously only) comet I've imaged was a slow mover so a simple stack worked fine. This one is moving quite quickly so to get both the stars and the comet to appear as stationary was a challenge - and then to recover the meteor from just 1 image of the 40 was yet another. But it keeps me busy whilst stuck at home ☺

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