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all you fantastic computer people, i need help with obsy Pc

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evening all,

just lately when i turn on the obsy computer i get an error message before it will boot up, i usually press F1 and it seems to boot up fine and behave fine once booted and running, here is the message,


Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.5.2.1002 ICH10R/DO wRAID5

Copyright(c) 2003-08 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

Alert ! Correctable memory errors have been previously detected in DIMM 2

Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup untility

Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics


does this mean anything to anyone and what can i do if anything to fix the problem,

many thanks to all.

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Already tried that one Sheila, after ages going through the motions, it just started up,

I've tried telling it off and threatened it, but still won't play ball, I'll try ibbo's idea and take memory out and reinstall

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If you have more than one ram pull one out and reeboot , if it still same keep swapping to see if you can find if it’s a dodgy ram stick .

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Yeah a DIMM is the memory attached to the mother board, if you can find a layout of your PC / mother board then you will know which DIMM to try and remove / re-insert (DIMM2).


Failing that you can go into the BIOS and clear previous error logs, which should resolve the issue as there are no logs (there for no previous errors) detected.

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