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All Sky Cam - Meteors 22/04/20

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Thanks ....

As I'm off work for a while I'm going to look at getting the camera higher up to try avoid some of the house lights.

But I still need it to be in a position where I can quickly and easily recover it to take away when we go over to Snowdonia (we'll get back there eventually!)



...... Edit .......

Just checked and from the back bedroom window I can reach the guttering. 

The camera housing is on a quick release 'G' clamp so I should be able to attach it to the gutter.

I can't drill anything to the gutter or fascias as they're new and the wife isn't quite ready to let me loose with a drill on that just yet 😁



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I've managed to move the camera up a bit higher and cleared some of the trees, although I still can't avoid the motion triggered spot light that keeps coming on 

in the next street.


I also decided to revisit the AllSkEye auto Meteor Detection settings.  In the past I've not had great results with this feature.

I changed a few settings and things seemed to work better than before but maybe that's becuase there are fewer aircraft over our location at the moment.


This is one it highlighted last night.


The green ring is the area it checks for meteors (I might increase this a little) and the red is anything it thinks is a meteor.

It doesn't work by 'motion' detection but rather looking for 'lines' that shouldn't be there. 

This works better away from the edge of the screen where it often sees aircraft going leaving East Mids airport





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