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Biggest hit of the night.

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Very basically.

It is the reflected radio waves off the Ironised particles caused when a meteor enters the Earths atmosphere.

These radio waves are created by a ground defense radar in France.

These reflected waves are picked up by my detector and converted in some software to a continuous colour readout on my computer which is running 24 / 7.

The grid along the bottom is the time.

The grid up the side is the frequencies that this meteor scatter creates.

With this you can work out how long the meteor lasted, if it broke up ( creates multiple trails ) and the direction of travel.

The direction of travel needs several stations so the plots can be triangulated.

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Wow, thanks Graham that is really interesting.


Did you build the detector or is it commercially available? Are there any phenomena that might cause a red alert? Would it pick up the reentry of rockets etc into the atmosphere which I guess create plasma trails?



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