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New target TR7 The Garnet Star.


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Hi folks.

Last night I was going for M101 but the clouds would not play ball.

My view of the sky was akin to looking through a Polo mint.

Clouds all around and a perfect clear sky in the middle.

So after trawling around with the slew controls I found this target in the center of the clear spot.

I had never heard of this TR7 before, I thought it was an old english sports car. lol.

With the hole getting smaller with each passing second I decided to shoot as many subs as time would allow.

I managed 26 subs at 60 seconds a sub on ISO 800 before the window on the sky closed completely on me and the clouds took control once again.

I went through the subs and after ditching the bad ones I was down to 23.

I added 23 darks at the same settings.

This morning when I got into work I set DSS running with the data.

Following someones advice and please forgive me but I have forgotten who you are, I saved the DSS output file as a 16 bit tif.

I then loaded this file into my nemisis PH 6.

This practice seems to be paying off as I am quite pleased with the result.

I am not even that sure I managed to get the target.

It is listed as 'The Garnet Star' but I see no single red star in the photo.

Anyway hope you like.

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Thank you.

It is a shame you cannot see the full 'TIF' image.

I can zoom in and in on it and every one of those red stars look like a nebular with other stars inside them.

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That's a nice unusual target. I bet with some more time you will get a lot more nebula showing. TR 7 is in Puppis. This is cluster TR37 (Trumpler 37) in Cepheus. Trumpler catalogued star clusters in the early 1900s. The stars in the cluster have been born in the nebula IC1396 which covers quite a bit more than that FOV. It is about 2500 light years away. I think the Garnet Star is not associated.

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Hi Pete

Thank you for the info.

It is always good to learn about what you are looking at.

Like I said I had never even heard of it before the other night.

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