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A noisy M100

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Well unless we have a quick return to imaging friendly weather I doubt I will get colour data for this this year so I've done a quick process of the mono data. I've tried noise reduction but it brings in artefacts I don't like and nukes the fainter outer spiral arms which admittedly are deep within the noise. This is 10 x 900s subs.



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But the detail you do have is very nice ?

M100  : was that the galaxy that had a Supernova fairly recently ??


Its a Messier i've not seen before. I must rectify that.....

Showing magnitude +9.5 on my Sky Safari.


Are the 2 other galaxy's part of M100 or background ?  NGC 4323 / 4328 ?

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Thanks Rob


All good questions, according to the web they are indeed satellite galaxies of M100 as opposed to what look to me like stand alone more distant ellipticals and yes apparently there was a supernova in M100 recently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Messier_100


Here's the image with annotations courtesy  of PI...



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