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M 51 reprocessed.


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This processing is quite addictive isn't it.

I have reprocessd the M51 from the other night and I think this one is getting to where it should be with what data I had to work with.

Before :-

After :-

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I keep posting up all these pics in the hope someone who knows what they are doing with this processing stuff will tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I need to be doing to put it right. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Guest Tweedledum

Hi Graham,

A lot of it is personal taste!, As you adjust one you loose detail on the other or contrast!. My basic reprocs are :-

1. Adjust levels manually - if you use the automatic it will end up looking like a hi dynamic range pic!.

2. Adjust any hue / colour imbalance.

3. Apply a small amount of sharpening via an 'unsharp mask', judicious use here as if you are over zealous it will look mad!.

4. Crop to your hearts content

5. STAY AWAY FROM JPEG / JPG. ALWAYS USE TIFF OR RAW. (if you use jpeg/jpg every time you save it compresses more, you will loose detail.)

6.Note I am not an astrophotographer, this is my basic set for my photog hoby!.

There are a number of plugins for photoshop / elements, good one is Noels Actions about 20 bucks here http://www.prodigita...ll_Version.html

Have fun!


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Nice work, I do feel the first is better though. It looks a bit over stretched in the second one. More data, less stretch a good picture will make ;)

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There we go thats what I need good sound advice.

Many thanks you two I will try and put that into practice.

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