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Solar from today 19.05.2020

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What a treat I had in store for me today. The Sunspot that had started to show itself yesterday had exploded into action.   Usual kit of the double stacked 60mm Lunt and the Point Grey

Looking quite active around there!! 👍

Is the 'glow' centre to bottom right on the last false colour image a real artefact?

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1 hour ago, Clive said:

Is the 'glow' centre to bottom right on the last false colour image a real artefact?


That is a massive jet of plasma being thrown out into space Clive.

It is coming from the two ' arms ' you can see on the sides of the sunspot.



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Wicked! Didn't occur to me just how quite the Sun is in your recent images until you mentioned this activity. Just checked and the Sun is at it's deepest part of the solar minimum right now - I remember seeing it littered with Sun spots when I was a kid and got a private tour of the 6" solar refractor at Herstmonceaux as some of the astronomers where members of the local club. The telescope was driven by clock work and a huge timing chain that ran down under the observatory to an observing room where the image was projected onto a huge white table which I think was solid stone.  


I'll never forget it, that place was the source of my obsession with this hobby and is something of a spiritual home for me. 🙂


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