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Last week was my first attempt at tracking and photographing the International Space Station. Used SkyTrack tracking software which made the mount track the ISS and then took a video in Sharpcap. Proc

Would setting  exposure on Arcturus help being bright ? 

Do you intend stacking them?

Derbyshire Dave

H iDave,

 I've heard that the way to do it is ti pick a bright star (like Arcturus), focus, and then change your gain and shutter speed until that star is very faint. The ISS is very bright. First shot I didn't want to have is so dim I might miss it. Will take a few gos I think!

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Derbyshire Dave

Hi Clive,

  Think I'll probably have another go first, try and get things a bit sharper and a bit less brightness, to see if I can pull out some detail. Then yes, maybe stack them, or even produce a small movie. The ISS will appear to change orientation because of it's relevative angle to us throughout the pass. Would be nice to see Crew Dragon eh? But it will be tiny

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That looks awesome. I really want to have a bash at this but I only have a 12" RC and I can't see that racing after the ISS without mangling something. 🙂 

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