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my attempt at Albireo double star

Jonathan Nicholls

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Jonathan Nicholls
1 minute ago, RonC said:

You need to go to Create a gallery image then insert it in your thread.

That's a good Alberio 👍

Great, thanks for that

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Derbyshire Dave

Yeah, very nice Jonathon. I agree, can’t remember the last time we had a double star, and you’ve made a great job of it.


I personally don’t create an image in the gallery. I upload my image to Flickr, right click on it there, and choose “Copy Link”. Then paste the link into the post, and the image appears automatically. I see you’re using astrobin, there must be a way of doing that there.


The way I use to test these things out is to send myself a Personal Message (me only how sad is that...no I don’t want to know Ron!)


You can view that message and see what happens before a main post on the forum. I’ve had issues with colours and tried that..


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Yes, 2 nice shots. I've done a few with my DSLR and took a close-up with my Mak and webcam. You've caught a lot of background stars, too.


Well done!

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