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Jupiter's Moons

Sunny Phil

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I was rather pleased with this effort and think it is the best I've done without using a telescope. It was using my usual methods (available on request!).




In between doing other things, I am literally and metaphorically going through a stack of images from last night.

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2 hours ago, Clive said:

The satellites are nicely eqi-spaced. Any idea which is which?

I could probably look it up. With them all looking about the same brightness (in this photo), it is hard. Sometimes I can identify some of them. Ganymede is usually the brightest and any moon that passes above or below the jovian disc or is more than a couple of Jupiter radii away has to be Callisto. Even on a good day, the hardest to tell apart are Io and Europa, unless Europa is near its maximum separation from the planet. 

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