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What observing are you looking forward to 2020.

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What observing are you looking forward to do for the rest 2020? 

For me it's Mars being in a high position in November in  Pisces  i think. 

Its been years since I've seen Mars through a scope. 


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Looking forward to more clear nights than the last couple of years and getting to grips with my new Hypercam 183c so more nebulae and galaxies.

Still got a few 'M's' to get yet as well!!

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Hopefully this Comet (Neowise) will make a decent showing (famous last words!)


Observing Jupiter and Saturn through opposition and then on to the very close conjunction on December 21.


My first look at Mars through the 140mm scope.


Still need to properly bag E and F stars in M42 trapezium.


And of course the end of house arrest and all this totalitarian social engineering nonsense,

so we can finally meet up at a dark site an do some observing.

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I would have said Mars, too, but it is a difficult object at the best of times. Weather and life has got in the way but I've seen the ice cap and some albedo features.


I'm hoping for some Geminid action next month.

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