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1st Attempt at AP - Neowise 11-07-20

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Hi all, Sadly I had an early start this morning, so I only had a few minutes to capture this.    EOS 450D ISO 800 30s  f/3.5    

Thanks @RonC was going to try again last night. Got set up and the sky vanished behind the clouds 😞 

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You didn't say what focal length you used. I'd guess it's about 18-20mm.


There's loads you can do with just a DSLR and if you have a longer focal length zoom lens, such as 75-300mm, you can add the Moon, Jupiter's moons, bright deep sky objects. My current fave is meteors.

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@Sunny Phil it is only the stock lens, which was set at 18mm. Are there any lenses you would recommend that would fit the EOS 450D? 

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Although the comet is a large object, it only fills a small part of the sky. If you increase the focal length, say, to 55mm, you will get more detail on it but it will be fainter and you will need a shorter focal length to reduce trailing.


I have not seen it for 9 days, due to weather and going to bed early before a work day. I think it has "grown" in size as it is near Earth but faded, as it is further from the Sun. I would say ISO 1600, 6 seconds exposure and 55mm focal length (probably about the longest F/L you can get on your stock lens), it would be a good place to start. If it's not cloudy tonight (I'm not working again for a week) that is where I will start.

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