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Important: Internet Explorer Support Ending

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We have a significant upgrade coming in the next few weeks, which will bring the EMS website up to current standards and bring with it a new set of features. I'll post more about what those are closer to the time.


The important news is that Internet Explorer will no longer be supported. Internet Explorer has been clinging to life for a lot longer than many anticipated. It uses an archaic rendering engine, has numerous vulnerabilities that impact both security and privacy, requires workarounds to get it to work with many websites, including ours, and has been surpassed by Microsoft's own newer Edge browsers (in two versions.)



Image credit: CNN article - Internet Explorer Must Die


The EMS website fully supports all mainstream modern browsers, however as of the upgrade it will no longer support Internet Explorer in any shape or form. If you continue to use Internet Explorer after the upgrade then you do so at your own peril. No support will be given for it.


If you currently use Internet Explorer to access our website then there's never been a better time to switch to a newer and better browser. Here are some great options:


Google Chrome

The world's most successful web browser, packed full of features with a modern rendering engine: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/


Mozilla Firefox (my personal choice)

A privacy and security focused browser, with a feature set to match its focus and a fast rendering engine: https://www.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/


Microsoft Edge

Now available based on Chromium, it's a fast and efficient browser, has plenty of features, a modern rendering engine and synchronises with your Microsoft account (the same one as used for Windows 10, if you use that feature): https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge


Notice of the upgrade will be posted in advance, but I'd encourage any Internet Explorer users to switch browsers now and give yourselves plenty of time to get used to using a new browser before the Internet Explorer support is officially dropped.

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Derbyshire Dave


 Appreciate you bringing this to our attention, and also explaining the archaicnature of it's architecture, I wasn't aware of that. Like you, I favour Firefox. Thanks for being on the ball.

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I'll just add Vivaldi as a browser choice for anyone interested. I've run this for five years on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu. Its rendering engine (Blink) is the same as Chrome and can use Chrome extensions. It was started by Jon von Tetzchner, the original CEO of Opera ASA. It is highly customisable and Tetzchner has promised not to implement Google Manifest V3 in it. 



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