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Sensor clean

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I have done mine twice in the four years I have owned the camera. I bought of Amazon if I remember correctly a sensor cleaning kit, it was only £10 and contained about 12 swabs and some cleaning solvent in a little bottle. I already had a rocket blower so didn't need the more expensive kit.


You need to select in the camera menu mirror lock up and the using the rocket blower blow any debris off the sensor, give it a real good blow as you will be amazed at how much dust gathers in there, then turn your camera over and try and get everything to drop out.


Then all I did was dampen the swabs with the liquid but do not soak them only moisten them and run the swab gently over the sensor. I used just downward strokes and only two strokes per swab. I think I used 6 swabs to do mine.


This was similar to what I used but mine was cheaper.



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Maybe its an easier job with a FF sensor being quite accessible, a la 5D, 6D etc ?

With a smaller APS-C (more delicate ?) sensor, i'd be inclined to pay the £30 and let an expert do it.

Although he may not be 'an expert', chances are it's a job that he's done before.

And if it goes belly up for any reason, they can then sort it out.

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@Doc @Bino-viewer sensor cleaned though the black dot seems to be a scratch  or more a tiny Mark from a pointed object so for astronomy it’s not so much a problem or could the chip be on the filters in front of sensor,  so if it was removed Chip gone ? Then use a clip filter in place of filter removed assuming it’s ir filter that’s damaged or sell on (I bought s/h)

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Juan does a Baader filter for £134 this replaces the ir filter which I think is the part damaged so can still be used for daytime and Astro without having to mess with white balance .

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