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Watching the perseids

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We are completely reliant on the sites and as yet it is a no from them.  As soon as we get anything positive we will let you know.

This situation is out of our hands and looking at the current news  (second spikes etc) I would guess they are being naturally and sensibly cautious.


You have to remember we all have a duty of care with places and meetings like this to avoid any stupid laws suits etc.  Even EMS comes under this and if you don't act responsibly with decisions your insurance/liability is void. As with all things to err on the side of caution is always best with these situations, so I can't blame either site and their trustees for this and we are not their main source of customer and are more difficult to police.


We will all have to be patient and hope the winter is not as bad as they are predicting with covid




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Anyone know a good site to watch the perseids?. From a personal standpoint, i have not used my telescope since b4 feb, as its impossible to use it here. But surely there is somewhere we can watch a meteor shower. (and be safe). 

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Only thing I can suggest is a drive up dark peak and watch from side of the road?

most of the small roads up there are not busy. There may be a car park or two up there I am not sure. 

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11 hours ago, newtyng5 said:

 But surely there is somewhere we can watch a meteor shower. (and be safe). 

Interesting one.

Safe from what exactly ?


Remote car parks can be pretty dubious places during the hours of darkness.

Most are locked up to prevent traveller access etc.

But if you find somewhere that looks ok (where-ever that may be), count me in as i'm itching to get back to a dark site.

My home site is also hopeless (Bortle 7 and trees everywhere)

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There is nothing to stop any single one of you finding and using your own dark site, I have done so to find the recent comet.

What you CANNOT do is advertise it (Under no circumstances on this forum!) and incite a gathering. It really is that simple.


As we have pointed out numerous times now, the owners of the sites we use have not as yet given us permission to resume using the dark sites. If we use either site without their permission, it's trespassing. This would not reflect well on the group and we might even lose the right to use it.


There is still a pandemic that hasn't as yet shown any real signs of disappearing, so we still have to abide by what are fairly sensible guidelines. I for one don't want to get it and we are all at risk of contracting something that has a real potential of killing you.


If we can't keep the virus under control then I don't think Kelling would even blink to stop this years star party, they can't take the risk of people from all over Britain mingling and then taking it back to their communities. They certainly wouldn't want that bad publicity, but I am still hoping it goes ahead as it will be the only holiday away most of us will get.


As soon as we are able to, we will open up the dark sites again and we can all enjoy stargazing again.  

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Kelling is not guaranteed yet.

I spoke to them earlier. 

The October 'Star Party' (i'd better not call it that) is still on, but things may change between now and then.

So its not set in stone as such. I guess it all depends on what level of madness we have descended to by then......

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