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I'm Lost

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I hope I don't get drummed out of the imaging group for this..


Had another go tonight with double- double with the FS 60 at a much more comfortable position and yay the GPDX fired up.


5mm x71 to start easier pair split other elongated.

3.6 x99 both split

back to the 5mm no change.

Tried again with the 5mm about an hour later after the cloud moved on and manged to split them both with the 5m.

Popped the 20mm back in and had a squint at Mr B and had a brain wave  now I have the shorter tube on the FS 60 would the bino viewer (BM) work.

Yes but had to couple with the 2.5 powermate to get focus.

Back to Mr B and spent a good 20 mins with the 20mm and 7.5's in the BM.

Just for a giggle I tried the 7.5's on Mars and not bad, polar cap and a dark smudge just above it and clearly gibbous.

Back to the 20's and over to M45 another 10 mins or so gazing at the sisters.

To finish Venus just showing a very bright just under a half phase.

It is quite amusing to see the little FS60 with the large 20m Nag or the BM's.

Oh look its getting light best go to bed.

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Nice one Steve. I have split with around 70x with a vintage Swift 60mm. There seems to be a belief that they wont split below 100x with a min of 100mm with a few folk. A good qualty refractor of 60mm will do it.

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