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Taking Flats -large Newtonian


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I’ve been plagued with getting good flats with primarily my 8” Newtonian I just don’t think using the El panel they work correctly on the vignetting , I just came across a blog http://astronomy.colinrmitchell.com/index.php/2020/06/15/taking-flats-with-a-large-newtonian/ where this chap seems to have found the answer  by using a projection screen and a light box to illuminate screen , now a few years back I used to point my scope at the living room window for flats and I can’t seem to remember having issues, the window is probably 20ft away So next time I use the newt I’m going to re try this method and see if this works better than the El panel  and maybe create a custom park so it centres on the window for ease , if it works I will update this thread .

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Hi David,

  I sympathise, I've got a refractor now, but when I had my 8 inch reflector I always struggled. The best that I seemed to be able to do was to tie a white t-shirt over the end, and point it at some neutral sky the next morning, but before it got too bright.


Hope you get sorted..

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