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Star Trails Dethick

Derbyshire Dave

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Went out to Dethick Chursch with high hopes of a clear evening, but it was cut short by clouds and the camera dewing up. Not surprising, I was imaging from  a filed with very long wet grass.  

You need one of those Wi-Fi hairdryers 😊

At long last an astro image! How may star images did you used to get the trails?

Derbyshire Dave

Hi Clive,

 It's not been great for astro has it! I had real high hopes of a good few hours last night after looking at ClearOutside, but the clouds were there pretty quickly. Grrrr.


 Only 19 twenty second images for the trails. I actually took a lot more but didn't realised that the lens was dewing up rapidly. StarStax works really well, and is easy to use, not sure whether you have tried it, but basically include all your images and then click a button. The trails build up before your eyes...

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Derbyshire Dave
31 minutes ago, Ibbo said:

Have you made up your dew shield yet Dave?

Nah, not yet, but like the idea. I was quite amused by the idea of a 12V hair dryer on an extended lead. It is a good idea if I'm near the car (which I will do!), but I was about half a mile away from the car last night ... that's a big reel of cable! 😄

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