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Rainbow Astro 135 harmonic drive

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Had the chance to have a play on Tuesday night with this small bit of kit. Quite impressed really. This small little mount can carry the tak 85 and all imaging kit easily. Has lightweight tripod and a small counterweight bar if the scope is heavier than 13.5 kgs. Will carry up to 18 kgs then which is enough for a tak 106 too. 

set up and pa took about 15 mins. Guiding with both phd and maxim with very few problems. Errors on the guiding on maxim ranged from 0.01 to about 0.3 which was very impressive. The graph was almost flatline. 

couple of images with a 1 shot colour proved also to be good. Star roundness error less than 0.1. 


the mount head you can hold in one hand but the kit is quite pricey. Fits in a small handbag sized carrier and the tripod also folds into a  small bag. Whole set up could be carried in hand luggage on an aircraft. 

apparently backdrive can be a problem with Harmonic Drives and larger scopes but I saw none when the power was cut. Only comment is I would want to weigh the tripod down if it was windy as the whole lot can be picked up and carried easily as with small scopes no counterweight is needed. 

The PE on the mount did not prove any issue as it guided so well. Could not find much fault with the little imp at all. 😊


Makes the whole set up and running a breeze and no swearing. Bet it would play up at Kelling though as all kit seems to do !

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I've looked at both and noticed the FLO version looks slightly different. Its also £400 more.

It seems to be an evolving design, and i wonder if FLO has a newer version ?


I spoke to Rupert (Astrograph) quite a bit about these mounts last year. He is certainly impressed with them,

and tells me the Koreans know where they are going with this. He tried to sell me one, but my finances were not up to it.

The build quality is supposed to be excellent ; it looks really well made.


Good luck with it, and keep us posted on how you get along with it 🙂


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There was an earlier version which I stayed away from cos it was so new. 

The current iteration has upgraded bolts and a few other things. That’s all I know tbh. Would not have considered it at the moment had it not been for the fact luckily I got to try one someone else had 

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Not surprised on the accuracy, the machine tools I work on use harmonic drives and the positional accuracy is to  4 decimal places of a degree.

Most use a special grease, have 2.5kg of the stuff, expensive at £500 a drum if you ever need any 👍

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