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Mars with the F 15


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3 hours ago, Bottletopburly said:

Very nice Graham , I really must get my mak out with the filter wheel soon on mars 👍


Thanks David.

Give it another week and Mars will be the brightest thing in the night sky apart from Venus.

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Thats good Graham.


You cant beat apeture when it comes to planetary imaging I found when I did something similar some years ago with a c11 and a 102. Pushing the mag to get a decent image scale drained the image in the f15. 

But for visual give me a 102 f15 every time. With f15 and vixen optics CA will be minimal probably a lot less ca in that than some of the apo,s out there.


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Woah, steady on there Graham 🙂

Yep, spend a good hour on Mars visually, if you have planetary filters you will be surprised at just what detail you can see. 

Mars is difficult to observe for a lot of folks but perservere and it can reveal loads.

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2 hours ago, Graham said:

I must admit Phil I was very impressed with the optics lack of ca.

You never know I might even pop in an EP at some point when I am not fighting the incoming clouds

Thought you only had the one centreing eyepiece 🤣

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