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Led panel for flats

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I bought a 600sq led ceiling panel it’s the type you fit in suspended ceiling , I think with a little tweak should work well , the intention is to place it a few feet away from the scope , on the shed or fence when needed it’s very light weight and thin 12mm ish  very even light and supposed to be flicker free , but boy is it bright  like you can light the whole neighbourhood so I will mount a piece of 3mm ply over the face with maybe a 300mm hole and use a pice of transparent self-adhesive 3mm foam To dim the brightness I think that may work or some baking paper whatever works best ,maybe should have gone for a 300mm panel 😂😂 but they’re cheap these panel types coming in at £10-20 range off eBay 

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7 minutes ago, Bino-viewer said:

I tried on of those imo they are side lit from one edge and don’t evenly illuminate and surface  markS very easily rob, binned it  

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24 minutes ago, Graham said:

Bloody hell David it looks very bright.

In fact I would go as far as to say, too bright by a long long way.

Be interesting to see what results you get with it.

you could be right graham i was thinking that earlier its finding the right material to dim sufficiently it started  off at 6500 k  believe me when i say it lights the whole neighbourhood i really just want a soft light ,i think thats the problem with led they are too bright to start off maybe need a few layers of tracing paper type paper ,i want to steer away from using white paper ,i had some baking paper before just the right texture and colour i think it was morrisons own brand so need to don the mask and take a trip too the supermarket .

 Would make a great shed/workshop light though  

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Best thing I found back in the day when I took flats apart from the sky was a laptop screen.

Set the screen to white.

Then using the lowest exposure setting on the camera adjust the screen brightness to the required level on the histogram 

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