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Nope not scopes, but the process of hydraulic fracturing. I have just watched a documentary on Current about this in America, and its frightening. They add about five hundred chemicals to water, millions of gallons which is forced down a bore hole after its been dynamited to "fracture the earth".

The result is that natural gas (methane) is driven up to the surface where its collected for distribution for domestic and commercial use.

The problem with this is that it is destroying the water table and where people have wells for their water source, they are contaminated with the methane and other nasties, they can set fire to the water.

Now Iam not banging a drum for either side on this, but bearing in mind they are already doing this in the North West near Blackpool, and it has been proved it caused two earthquakes up there, do we know enough about the effects before we cause irreparable damage.

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I would say no, we don't know enough about the process. Is the process near Blackpool called "Shale Fracking"? I can't quite remember, I also beleive that these are just test drills. But I do remember that the so called experts said that it was unlikely to cause any extra "tremors" due to "unusual combination of geology at the well site"

Like you Martyn I`m not picking sides, I would just like to see more testing done before both side jump on the dangerous/not dangerous band wagon.

Extra info found here.

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wouldn`t it be easier to put a load of cows in a barn and capture there methane ? they are one of the biggest contributers to green house gases. then you can eat them afterwards, everyone a winner.

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