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EMS app support - iOS and Android - Beta

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EMS is now listed on the directory of the new native app being developed for this software. If you want to try this out, you can now do so.




Important: this is a beta...


I can't emphasise the above enough. The app has had only limited beta testing, limited to the developer's own forums, and is only now being opened up to a wider audience. I will be able to provide only very basic support. If you are not able or willing to work through bugs, do not download the apps at this time.


If you're happy to test new functionality and provide feedback on the beta experience then you can do so, using the below links:


Apple App Store  Google App Store


I've personally only tested the iOS app, as an iPhone is what I have access to. In order to access the beta I had to install Apple's beta app store, called TestFlight, and download the beta from that. I believe Google runs a similar testing approach through its own store but I can't tell you how that works as I've never used it.


When attempting to sign in the first time I did get a blank white screen and needed to kill the app (demonstrating that it's still very much a beta). It worked fine on the second attempt.


When you open the app you can browse or search for communities on it. EMS is under the Hobbyist section.

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You don't need an invitation, just use one of the links in the first post to either app store. (If they don't work for you, let me know and I'll look into it.)


Enjoy. 🙂

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