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Could this be a camera tilt issue ?

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absolutely tried everything i can think of to get my big stars looking round but to no avail, could it be a camera tilt issue ? guiding looks good, camera distance is set correctly from the reducer, the egg ish shape always seems to be on the same side too.



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Looks very much like it.

If possible rotate just your camera 180 degrees the egg should remain on the right hand side of the frame if the tilt is in the image train.

If the egg rotates with the image then the issue is with the camera.

Hope that makes sense.

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thank you both, i will rotate the filter wheel and camera as you suggest Graham, i`m fairly sure i tried that some months ago but i`ve tried so many things i`ve forgotten most of them, even had the focuser off and stripped, e-mails to William Optics to get the exact spacing details, will also try Astap David , many thanks

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Under magnification it doesn't seem 'egg' shaped to me, rather it seems to be circular but with a step change in radius between 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock. It's difficult to tell what's really going on because almost all of the pixels of the star are saturated, perhaps a shorter exposure so that the centre isn't saturated so that the 'true' shape is shown?

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i`ll try that Clive, it was a short exposure, only 1 second, but nebulosity does an auto exposure which shows you an over exposed image just to show what you have got, i should have cancelled that

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