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Hi been stargazing for about 5 yrs now I a have selection of telescopes 10 inch dob 8 inch Newtonian with a Laura green focuser on a ed80 skywatcher  a WiFi  mount with a st 80 on fo when I go on holiday a heq 5 pro mount I know how to pillar align I know how to take long exposures and also use apt to do a plan also I can use sharp cap .but when it go me to stacking and using gimp am out of my depth tried watching you tube videos but still cart grap it. Any one could help me be great also like to go out withi a group   Stargazing wondering if you do all this  thanks Adidaz29

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Hi Adidaz welcome to EMS.

Don't know much about astrophotography as i am visual, although i may get into it at some point.

As for a stargazing group, we goto belper (derbyshire) , or Wymeswold near Loughborough. But because of the current Covid issues, it's a bit restricted at the moment.

I think i am correct in saying you can join in on a session, as long as there's fewer than six people. And then decide to join the dark site membership at £20 a year (for insurance purposes).


Clear skies!

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Hi Adidaz and welcome to the forum. Lots of folk on here do image stacking (including me!) and use various software to finish

their images. Just ask away at any queries you have and I'm sure someone on here will be able to help..



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A warm welcome to the group Daz. Purely visual here, so not much help I am afraid.

Regarding group stargazing, we do go out when C-19 isn't putting a spanner in the works. It's not looking good for Nottinghamshire for a bit. Keep an eye on the info and announcements board. Where abouts are you?

Enjoy your stay.

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 welcome adidaz for stacking there is Deep sky stacker Dave eagle does a small book to get started   https://www.star-gazing.co.uk/WebPage/astrophotography-guides/  for processing try Startools which is free to try as long as you like you just cant save final reult but you can screen grab cost for full program is under £40 https://www.startools.org i would advise you do calibration frames too ie darks ,flats and bias  as this will help in your final image  here is a tutorial for startools   https://astro.ecuadors.net/processing-a-noisy-dslr-image-stack-with-startools/ a few years old and startools has updated a few versions but principles are the same for work flow ,help is avaliable on startools forum link is on their website .

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