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Remote LRGB data..

Derbyshire Dave

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 With the weather being so relentlessly poor, my thoughts have turned to trying to get some remote data to practice processing. I'm sure we could all do with brushing up our processing skills.


Ideally some RGB or LRGB data to play with. M31 and M81/M82 and M45 would be great sets to practice on. Has anyone any ideas where we could get some for free?


I know that SGL have recently been issuing some narrowband data from their IKI observatory,



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4 hours ago, Clive said:

Last night someone posted a M45 TIF file on SGL looking for people to process it. Search for Sister stretch!

Thanks Clive will do..

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4 hours ago, Bottletopburly said:

Try here Dave you’ll need to join group then go to files  look for the Txt file containing all  the challenges any problems finding it let me know https://groups.io/g/dslr-astro-image-processing



Thanks Dave. Good catch!

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3 minutes ago, Derbyshire Dave said:

Guys, thanks, have also found that Jim Misti has released a of his data. Maybe some of you will find this helpful too!



im sure on that link i sent there was talk of all gary honis data being released since his passing apparentley he has hundreds of gb worth of data 

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On 16/11/2020 at 13:46, Clive said:

Came across this today.  Apparently a new (-ish) site offering data for processing:


Thanks for remembering about this Clive, good catch! Even some solar on there..

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