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Been out in shed tonight


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I'm making an extension for the 132 OTA

as I'm not happy with the 2 x2" ext tubes

Found a piece of stainless tube 41/2" long and 51/2 dia been cleaning it up and making it round, its quite surprising how out of round this tube was

I've just come in as I'm feeling a bit cold and a bit thirsty, well it is 2am

will get it threaded later today I hope

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Excuse my ignorance Steve (still new to all this modding of scopes business - lol) why do you need an extension for your OTA?

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Modern refractors are designed to be used with large diagonals and bino viewers

This means that the focus point is way outside the OTA and needs extension tubes for CCD's and cameras to reach focus,because of the extension tubes you are putting more load on the focuser so it tends to sag more and can upset the focus across the field of the CCD

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