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QHY6 CCD Manual

Rock Doctor

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I'm a newbie, no worse a complete virgin, to astrophotography but with my recent purchase of a scope I also got a QHY6 CCD camara as I would like to take some piccies at some stage. The manual (what manual) is non-existant and just wondered if there's a idiots guide to using this camara and the supplied CCDcap software anywhere that anyone knows of. Or is there better 'free' software available for both the stacking and then the processing of the stacked pictures? I'd be interested to hear what people would recommend as 'must have software for it .



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Guest AstronomyShed

That one should ideally be in it's own topic I think as this topic is specific to the new camera, perhaps a mod can split this topic, however I think for the QHY LX style cams, the most popular choice apart from the supplied software is nebulosity, unfortunately I don't use it and have no idea of it's operation or ease of use. Perhaps someone else can help you out with that one.

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Hi dion.

Thanks came across this after the post which may be useful to others.


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